Cloud School Kenya limited is a private company registered in Kenya committed in improving the status of E-Learning in the country. This is achieved through the development and provision of E-Learning portals that can be used by many schools and accessible by teachers and students anytime. One of our major products in the market is SereneStudy E-Learning platform that can be used by any primary or high school in Kenya.

Today, SereneStudy E-Learning is accessible by thousands of students and teachers across the country and in any part of the world. In our growth, we are united and guided by three principles.
The three principles are the heart of everything we do. Each one of our principles — Quality, Responsibility and Mutuality inspires us to do our best and remain engaged.
Cloud school Kenya do a lot more than just e-learning. Indeed, it creates employment and freedom ‘something which is rare to find’ and make the whole education system more fun and enjoyable. We are everywhere and we are always happy to see our products changing the lives of many Kenyans. We touch every corner of the country — and the passion of our Associates helps us do it the right way.

Our Principles

The three Principles are the key to our culture, and we strive to live by them each and every day. They serve as a compass to help guide our business decisions and unite us across geographies, languages, cultures and generations. The result is stronger relationships with everyone — our consumers, customers, business partners, communities and each other.

  1. Quality

    Quality- In addition to maintaining strict Compliance to regulations and standards, we offer products that delight consumers at affordable prices.

  2. Responsibility

    Responsibility- We are a responsible organization that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We also teach our students and all players to reflect on their actions to see how well in line with these standards they are.

  3. Mutuality

    Mutuality- Ethical leaders seek shared value.We consistently look for ways to meet the needs of our customers while they champion winning projects and ideas. Why? Because we understand that we are responsible for honoring each other’s well-being.

A Letter From Our Director

Welcome to the Cloud School Kenya website. We’re delighted you have an interest in us and in what we do. Cloud School Kenya has involved children in a unique learning community since inception as an online school with a family-like atmosphere. Here, an excellent team of professional teachers, moderators, learners and parents share the joy of learning using modern means. Students spend time in the company of qualified and dedicated teachers, developing skills and learning as they are ready while exploring many topics. Literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, religion, life skills, and personal development are curriculum components integrated into our days

We’re proud to make products and services and make them available to benefit the students, teachers, schools and parents —this helps our communities and makes our students sharp and happy. As Cloud school Kenya Associates will tell you, it feels good to have products and services that students and teachers love and value.

Equally important and rewarding is being a part of a team that strives to bring the Three Principles to life in the work we do. “Quality, Responsibility and Mutuality,” are not just words on our office walls. They are a call to action for each of us to do our best every day. While we have a tremendously diverse organization — these principles unite us across cultures, geographies and generations.
As you click through our website, you’ll see that collaboration and partnership are themes of how we work. We create “win-win” opportunities for associates, students, parents, our communities and partners in our value chain whilst taking good care of our shared resources.

I’m honored to be a pioneer and been with this company to help build on the legacy of the generation that we are today, for the benefit of those that will come after us.
We are proud to be a growing business with excellent products that are instrumental in preparing a future generation that we will definitely be pleased with.
If you share our feeling that creating enduring, mutual success is the only real success, I hope you’ll consider joining us — as a partner or a colleague.

Jesse Muiru,