August 1, 2018

Online learning portal for students launched

To further improve the teaching and learning process in government primary schools, the Education Department has launched an online learning portal for students and teachers.
Under this new initiative, the e-content of whole syllabus has been prepared in accordance with the textbooks. When a teacher completes any chapter from the textbook, he or she uses this e-portal to further enhance the knowledge of students in which all the topics are prepared in such a way that the students can learn even difficult concepts of mathematics and science easily.
Malkit Singh, District Education Officer (DEO), Muktsar, said, “With this technique, the students are learning easily. Even their interest in study has increased after the project is implemented in the district. The e-content is provided to all five primary classes.

The district coordinator of ‘Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab’ said that this system was used to teach students in expensive private schools whereas now the same technique had been provided by the state government for students of government schools.

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