We want to grow in a way that we can feel proud of, and we aim to create win-win situations for everyone we work with as we achieve that growth. From our consumers and customers to our business partners and the communities in which we operate, Cloud school Kenya is built to care.

Doing business to benefit the whole means we have an impact on the whole world — one that reaches far beyond the walls of our offices and networks and into our communities and the lives of students and teachers. It’s what matters to our Associates. It’s how we make effort that academic resources (video, audio, e-books, notes, online exams, revision papers etc.) can be accessible online across the country. That’s how future generations will continue to operate.

Providing for Future Generations

We try to grow our business by sourcing and creating our products and services in ways that make our country a better place. Whether it’s a student from Turkana a teacher from Lamu or an examiner from Kisumu, we want to have the best. In any part of our SereneStudy E-Learning platform, we try to make choices that ultimately contribute to a healthier, happier world.

Transparency Is Our Policy

Here at cloud school kenya, we are very strong advocates of freedom of information, and are active in promoting transparency and accountability.

This Policy Forum is a great venue to craft strategies and efforts that help advance the quality of education, with inputs coming from a strategic mix of people who are devoted to education and really know what they are talking about.

We embrace transparent teaching methods that help students understand how and why they are learning course content in particular ways. We also present crucial data concerning our platform in a simplified manner while maintaining accuracy.

It is our pleasure to help our users understand how their favorite products come into being.




• Novice Friendly– SereneStudy is an easy to use portal that allows users to easily navigate through the pages while providing a seamless flow of content through the pages. What’s more, you do not need to have any advanced knowledge in computers to learn using our tool.

Personalization– One size no longer fits all. The key to a successful modern-day learning strategy is to move away from the sheep-dip and toward the shop-front model. SereneStudy is the most effective means by which today’s learner can get to content that’s relevant to them.

• Content Discoverability– SereneStudy embraces methods that allow learners and teachers alike to easily find what is important to them according to their preferences.

• Interaction– with SereneStudy,  your learning journey will not be a lonely experience. While it is important to encourage self-directed autonomous learning, we provide opportunities for learners to interact with other learners and teachers.

• Flexible– Most people need a learning portal that offers sufficient flexibility to customize the learning journey and to customize the look and feel of the learning environment.  SereneStudy makes it easy to effect these changes as the learner makes progress in their learning journey.